Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Prints for the Tiniest Unroe Auction

We've taken some new pictures to add to our collection from the last auction.  Those who win a print may choose from both the pictures from the last auction and these newer ones.  Remember, the pics come as a 5x7 print on a matching 8x10 mat, but without a frame. 
Someone suggested the idea of putting inspiring quotes on the pictures, instead of the verses.  Auction winners are welcome to specify which verse (and version of the Bible) or quote they would like, as well as any font or color changes desired.

Just a note on the above picture: The verse/quote would probably show up better against the darker background of the grass at the bottom of the picture, so if this print is chosen by an auction winner, he/she is welcome to specify where they want the writing to be shown.